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Web reporting advantages

A network PR team, which focuses on online news and market reputation, provides commercial organizations with fast and accurate online news distribution and reporting plans. To provide excellent cross-border, transcontinental news reporting and word-of-mouth modeling to customers.
Press Release Distribution

Through professional press release pipelines, help clients increase the visibility of business information in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Press Release Writing

Professional editors compose news releases and translate into various languages, increase website exposure and search engine index.

Launch Traffic

Maintain positive sentiment and word of mouth on the community and the Internet, and bring business and consumers closer together.

Your media strategy should be confidential. Even colleagues will not disclose it.

The private PR service provides the “exposure” of customer branding from writing, issuing, reporting to closing reports.

Most companies have marketing or public relations departments. There may be people in the department that specialize in advertising, event planning, copywriting, design, customer management, or digital marketing. No matter what type of marketing, the company or products must eventually be exposed to the target audience. The media exposure field is the most important link for many companies or integrated marketing companies.

All along, we believe that we cannot provide customers’ cases to other customers as references. We value the importance of the confidentiality of the client’s strategy.

On the other hand, good news releases, paid news, or word of mouth marketing need to make the target audience unconsciously get a positive impression. We believe that good media campaigns should incorporate planning for local culture, language, and living habits.

  • News media has a strong exposure
  • More credibility after being reported
  • Provide consumers more information
  • Support marketing marketing
  • Search engine easier to find
  • Place keywords
  • Improve the confidence of operators and investors
  • Accumulate more marketing issues
  • Professional editors write faster
  • Richer titles and content
  • More in line with readers
  • Assist in cross-border marketing
  • Reduce labor costs
  • The process of writing to release faster
  • Reduce company workload
  • Sharing rich media experiences
  • Like, share, high traffic, attract attention
  • Stimulate more interactive posting
  • Better brand community image
  • Get more search opportunities
  • Get more attention
  • Drive consumer desires and trends
Strong marketing create your brand awareness!

Chinese market is no longer difficult

Baidu Index
In Greater China, more than 90% of the population use Baidu search, even if it is indexed by Google, it is difficult to reach customers.
Chinese editor
For users who use English or Latin, Chinese is very difficult, and the Chinese usage habits influence the reader's acceptance of the content.
Increase popularity
After entering new markets, getting news reports and leading search engine rankings can increase the brand awareness of companies and products.