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Buy Google Review Ratings – Real USA UK Canada Australia 5 star reviews for Google maps

Your business will get more positive reviews

It is very difficult for a merchant to hope that 100% of consumers around the world are satisfied. The Google Maps merchant network comment maintenance team gathers positive feedback from customers, improves word of mouth and reduces malicious negative impact attacks.

The quality of the business evaluation always affects the brand impression of the consumer. We select the user from the country or region of the merchant to give a good comment and get a more prominent evaluation in the search results. The trust level may be more than the opinion of the blogger or forum. More influential.

By purchasing the Google Business Five Stars service we provide, we leave the best five stars and forward message content on the most used Google Maps through the real accounts of netizens.

Features of HQ Real Google Maps Review

You know that Google Maps’ comments are difficult to manipulate, and new account comments are easily removed by the site. Our high quality service comes from – “Real, Local accounts”. They have been to or passed through that location, so their messages are always successful.

1. A guaranteed mobilization quality

There are real netizens’ accounts for high stars and positive experiences. In Asia, North and Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, we are able to provide the best quality service, and use positive reviews to cover up negative news and succeed in getting a good image.

2. High-level account

If the merchant has a high-level, authoritative opinion leader to give praise, it has a better effect on consumer influence. Calling the netizens who have the “Local Guide badge” to go online to give experience and gain the true trust of more consumers.

3. Bustomized message content

To help the business to leave the most suitable content, we actively guide the netizens to leave the positive message that the store wants to present, balance the negative content, and communicate the real situation with the consumers watching the Internet.

4. The characteristics of the filtering account

Users who filter specific conditions leave comments, such as the specified country, name type, gender, and language. The filtered content is more in line with the business brand image.

5. More additional services

Provide merchants with better services, including uploading photos, giving preference to certain reviews, or longer warranty times.

6. Global landmark promotion

You can purchase a value-added service. After all your evaluations are completed, let us make a large number of exposures for your business on the Internet to get more search engine inventory.

Two options to improve your scores:

You can decide which plan to buy based on your budget and the number of comments you need. We do not provide low quality services, provide high quality and authentic comments, your business will be more authentic and persuasive.

Basic Plan
1. General reviews : 20

2. Local guide reviews: 3

Customized content

Can upload photos

Up to 50 words

Local Real account

*Does not sell Local Guide reviews separately
Premium Plan
1. General reviews : 35

2. Local guide reviews: 5

Customized content

Can upload photos

Up to 100 words

The Gender you need

The Country you need

Local Real account

*Does not sell Local Guide reviews separately
Level 4, 5 badge: +$3.5/reviews

Level 6 badge: +$7/reviews

Level 7 badge: +$17/reviews

Level 8+ badge: +$34/reviews

Up to 100 words

Upload more photos

Real human reviews

*More additional service

Positive reviews, good image of your business

Collect high-star, forward-reviews, high-grade badges to cover negative comments from competitors or malicious people, and help remove negative reviews

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