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Easy process and payment

According to the needs of customers, you can choose the number of reports, areas, types of industries, and accurately grasp the budget and exposure.
Charge based on quantity

Charges based on the number of media reports, exposure can be determined by yourself! It is suitable for companies that do not have a public relations department, they need to be reported by the media temporarily, and no enough media reports.

At some point, the marketing company and the customer signed a KPI, but due to special factors leading to insufficient media exposure, we can help send enough news; the company organizes events, we can submissions press releases and get a large number of news coverage; well-known media reports always have greatly enhanced by Google and Baidu.

Accurately grasp the effect
Custom number of news
Accurate reporting
Purchase and payment

2 steps, so easy

Payment, release, super-easy. We provide a variety of international payment methods. Different from the traditional public relations mode of publishing through layers of relationships, we direct collaboration with media, social media, and online users has made the postings super-fast.

Safe and fast payment


Easy transnational online payment using credit card, Paypal, Stripe.


After payment, send the press release directly to the online service staff.

Quickly write and publish


Schedule the release. We also assist in writing press releases.


Hours to days, will report your business news one after another.

Advance the China market

Professional news editor and distribution experts, writing > publishing > monitoring results.