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Our media cooperation in the Greater China region is not just an ordinary press release. We also include various types of media, including electronic media, newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, and industrial information, to help companies arrange sponsored news exposure on online media channels. Raise readers’ reach rate.

With media exposure and network traffic support, no matter where your company is located, you can quickly arrange to publish media exposure services covering the entire Greater China region, present brand and product information completely, and lead the market to gain business opportunities.

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As brand owners, they all hope that any activity can receive global attention and report on the day. The top real-time online news placement service provides customers with the best media coverage in Greater China.

The WPR2 team set up media publishing offices in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and connected thousands of media channels in China. After receiving press releases provided by customers, the WPR2 team began writing, uploading, and uploading photos for the first time. We sincerely invite brand managers to witness the new experience of simultaneous publishing service brought by WPR2.

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The biggest difference from the business press release is that the title of the news agency does not appear in the article title. The company’s brand and merchandise are packaged in the news content, introduced and recommended by a third party, and potential consumers on the Internet will rely more on these content. Improve the positive impression on the brand.

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Before WPR2 entered the industry, customers transferred media operations to public relations companies in the United States or Europe. Different languages, cultures, and customs made it difficult for these companies to achieve effective success in China’s online media.

Our news editors and sending teams in Greater China help you deal with the release of business messages in China. There are no language barriers, localized contributions, and you can experience the business value that we bring to you after the experience.

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As the leader of the PR News in Greater China, we can quickly send news to Chinese media during corporate events and get the opportunity to gain exposure. The network of thousands of news media channels gives you super-fast publishing speed.

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Through WPR2‘s proprietary media communications network, press releases can be quickly and accurately delivered to media editors, gaining significantly improved chances of adoption. In China, after the completion of the school draft, the report was reported within 4 hours as soon as possible and sent to various national media within 24 hours.

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Corporate customers no longer need to visit reporters everywhere and look for public relations in a strange country. Our news release network integrates editors from major media to help you achieve higher market exposure.