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World PR&PR Group (WPR2) is founded in several countries by multiple online PR teams. This group of people joined forces to provide customers with excellent services such as issuing press releases on a precise basis, arranging media interviews, and maintaining social Internet word of mouth.

Get More Reported Opportunities in Greater China Region

Actively arrange media reports from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to increase brand influence and stand on a more exciting world-class market. Covers thousands of media, websites, blogs, community word-of-mouth networks, and follows market trends to guide trends and network traffic.

  • Familiar with Chinese professional editors.
  • Exclusive media secretary, providing news strategy advice.
  • Multi-service bases, localized services, international exposure.
  • Honored membership system, exclusive exposure to the top.
  • Instant distribution, media release almost no time difference.
  • Thousands of media channels give customers flexibility in choice.
  • For market segments such as regions, industries, and media properties.
  • Emphasis on privacy and customer plans, competitors are difficult to follow.
Network Media

Covers the most commercially valuable commercial markets including China, Asia and Europe.

Language editing

Multilingualists help corporate customers to reduce the costs of multinational PR.


Help customers maintain a positive image and popularity on various review platforms.

Cross-country consistency services

The operation of the brand should not be inconsistent with the country, language, region or culture. WPR2 is committed to the global consistency of corporate image and product promotion. The client’s news or press releases are handled by local experts. They do not have to be responsible for different languages because of the language conversion problem. They also avoid the problem of time out of sync. .

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Automobile Industry in French
Public Relations Manager

We have changed the previous methods of media PR and created greater exposure. Cross-border marketing and promotion are easier and time and cost are no longer difficult to master.

Machine tools industry, private company in Germany

WPR2‘s Asian media experts have solved the distressed marketing issues for us, saved the high costs of setting up Asian PR departments, and received extensive coverage in the highly competitive China.

Art creative studio in Taiwan
Art Director

In the field of artistic creation, marketing and media relations have not always been a job we are good at. WPR2 has helped us to focus on exhibitions and gain world attention.

Finance holding company, USA
Global Marketing Director

Awesome! Your professional consultants pointed out the company’s marketing strategy at the first time, and used professional skills to solve problems and communicate and communicate. These professional plans created differentiated business opportunities.

IS design and development company in China

In the company’s most difficult stage of entrepreneurship, WPR2 professionally and thoughtfully designed several quarterly word-of-mouth marketing programs for us, delivering business messages through the media network, gaining more positive reviews and business opportunities in the market.

Optimize your market image

In non-English speaking countries, online media supports you as much.

Community website exposure
The customer's social activities and website pages immediately following the media exposure brought more popularity numbers to attract more users to interact.
Professional Editor
A professional press release editorial team, planning a topical strategy for meticulous exposure. Rich and diverse content allows readers to obtain more detailed information, high success rate of success, and the company is succeeding with the report.
Extensive media network
Companies don't just want to launch products, plan various sales plans, but also let more potential consumers search for and see product information. Our customers can enjoy a great deal of Chinese and Asian media support.
Private online PR
Lack of media coverage, the company's product information is difficult to convey to consumers. Private media public relations services help customers get more media resources and exposure opportunities than competitors in the market.
Build an excellent PR network for your brand
Experience amazing in the Chinese and Asian