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Private level PR service

Global technical support

Thousands of media options

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Familiar with multi-language

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Quick release in hours

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Customer Advisory Secretary

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Areas and countries
Cooperative media
Super fast release
Written languages

Press release dedicated delivery system, press releases quickly reached the editorial group, linking the world’s first exposure.

Safe in  

With strong media advantages and the best privacy policy, our customers do not have to worry about leaking market strategies.


We simplify the press release delivery and review process, and the commercial messaging speed will gain more advantages.

Media results monitoring

Instantly inform your news performance

After the release of the press release, we will notify the customer at the first time of the report, and the enterprise customers can grasp it at the first moment.

The customer service closely uses the most popular communication software to inform customers of the latest news. After a news report is published, the customer is notified within hours or even tens of minutes. Companies don’t need to spend money to subscribe to media monitoring services. You can see the content of the report, promote it, send it to employees inside the company, post it on social networks… or do more to promote your campaign.

Automobile Industry in French
Public Relations Manager

We have changed the previous methods of media PR and created greater exposure. Cross-border marketing and promotion are easier and time and cost are no longer difficult to master.

Machine tools industry, private company in Germany

WPR2‘s Asian media experts have solved the distressed marketing issues for us, saved the high costs of setting up Asian PR departments, and received extensive coverage in the highly competitive China.

Art creative studio in Taiwan
Art Director

In the field of artistic creation, marketing and media relations have not always been a job we are good at. WPR2 has helped us to focus on exhibitions and gain world attention.

Finance holding company, USA
Global Marketing Director

Awesome! Your professional consultants pointed out the company’s marketing strategy at the first time, and used professional skills to solve problems and communicate and communicate. These professional plans created differentiated business opportunities.

IS design and development company in China

In the company’s most difficult stage of entrepreneurship, WPR2 professionally and thoughtfully designed several quarterly word-of-mouth marketing programs for us, delivering business messages through the media network, gaining more positive reviews and business opportunities in the market.

Why do companies need WPR2?

In China, it covers more than 1,000 media, blogs, and forums, providing the best exposure channels and increasing brand awareness and reputation.

We hope that customers will receive appropriate media coverage. In China, good public relations and press release distribution channels can provide consumers with many positive and positive messages and word-of-mouth information. They may also be identified by search engines because of their high authority. Increase the ranking of corporate web searches.

Sometimes our customers are surprised that the event is not over yet. The media has reported on the internet!

We emphasize the promptness and precision to assist each customer in quickly sending business messages. Usually the media will be published in 2 to 24 hours, and the closely-watched media in Greater China or the portal channel may be exposed within a few hours and be included in search engines.

We have professional press release writers and press release teams around the world, a complete and efficient public relations network to help our customers’ brand or product information be published globally efficiently.

The Internet has made global information without borders, but the public relations and marketing departments of multinational corporations are also difficult to have experts with multiple languages and familiar with media relations. WPR2’s Asian press release editorial service provides companies with the best Greater China PR solutions.

You can target audience

Industry, media type, and region

Let the target audience and investors of the company see news reports on brands and products.

Send press releases to major media, arrange media interviews, increase visibility and search rankings. 


The countries or regions covered by news according to customer needs and market segment planning. 


Target groups, planning appropriate industrial media reports to consumers or investors. 

Social media

Integrate the influence of the community media, blogs, and other online self-media to drive trends. 

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