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World PR&PR Group (WPR2) publishes national media press releases, media interviews, executive community and online business word of mouth strategy and other brand image work. Five continents more than 6,000 media composition of the news network, to estimate the customer press release, blog and WOM maintenance, leading the market trend, hand in hand with business partners to open the brand brilliant road.

As a regional brand, we through the world media exposure to bring the global business is really exciting
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Press release and community popularity will be simple, and we offer innovative, competitive, and comprehensive, comprehensive media delivery and word of mouth marketing products behind each customer.

Protect customer privacy, do not expose marketing strategy

For customers to provide high standards of privacy protection measures, our customer list without customer consent under the premise of the operation strategy, the subject, the results are not used as other commercial use or as a propaganda case.

The heterogeneity of corporate clients’ public relations, media and marketing packaging strategies is an important part of creating differentiation. Each business user is regarded as an important partner. All special media and corporate activities are given without prejudice to national laws. High level confidentiality.

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Many business organizations lack a good news and media platform, often leading to product news can not be conveyed to the hands of consumers, good public relations and press releases issued by the channel can give consumers a lot of accurate positive information, word of mouth information may also be The high authority of the news media is sure of the search engine, so that the enterprise network search sorting up.

Covering more than 40 countries to link more than 6,000 media, blogs and website forums to provide the best media exposure channels to businesses that enhance visibility and reputation for brand and product information.

We help each customer to send business messages quickly with the most rapid quality. Each project, after receiving the necessary documents, multimedia files and other necessary information, as the media type and characteristics, usually within 24 hours to complete the media published, and most of the popular news or portal site channel will be faster In 2 to 12 hours can be exposed.

We have professional press releases writers, press releases, full and efficient maintenance of public relations networks around the world, so that our customers’ important business messages can be published efficiently.

WPR2 in the global market to meet the needs of the public relations, marketing and brand image services, not limited to the press release service, but also to provide customers more honorable, rare marketing, public relations services. In the Americas and Europe, for example, customized media public relations, community marketing, online reputation, popular packaging for our customers to provide important services.

Provide a variety of ways to communicate, customer contact is not limited. VIP customers can enjoy the 365 days of exclusive public relations media advisory services; the general public can use their time to use such as: e-mail, national or overseas pay service phone, Skype, LINE, QQ, Wechat, Whatsapp … and so on Contact our customer service staff.

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Different from the public relations marketing industry general press conference activities to a wide range of media partners, media editorial board composed of news networks, global service base to provide high degree of network media coverage effect.

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