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We believe in the power of working together because great ideas can come from anyone. Through collaboration, team member can have an impact and make a difference for the PR market around the world.
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In general, effective resumes are succinct and easy to skim. The should include a professional summary that highlights your skills at top, followed by sections that touch on work experience, relevant skills and education. However, only unique people can stand out and become the superstars leading the online media PR.

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If you want to build a great resume, you need to know what a great resume looks like. WPR2 team value human personality, communication skills, job skills, ways to solve problems, and logic of thinking. The resumes we receive are for recruitment purposes only and will not be used for other commercial purposes. Before sending your resume, please confirm that you are willing to provide resume information to our team. In addition, please do not put any private information that should not be disclosed to protect your personal interests.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not fill in the following information to the resume:

  • Any ID that identifies you.
  • Bank account, credit card number or any money related account.
  • Your address or relative’s address.
  • Any contact information you are not willing to provide.
  • Anything that may violate local law.

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Show your superb writing skills

Marketing needs enthusiasm, but also need a good storytelling ability. Maybe, your resume should open with a strong summary statement that explains your accomplishments and gives you credit for any awards or honors you’ve won in your field. After you’ve told your story in a summary, then you can create a paragraph or two of your qualifications. This is where you discuss your professional experience and add in any job-related accomplishments that you have to your credit.

Description of the skills you really have them

We hope that in the first stage, we will be able to first understand whether the candidate’s expertise and skills are suitable for this job via written resume. Our recruiting process will involve multiple interviews and a detailed examination of the competency level of the candidate.

Goals and expectations of this work

As a worldwide business public relations expert, we must never stop dealing with all kinds of challenges in the market. Dedicated and determined goals can help you and your team accept the challenges from all walks of life, and successfully solve the problem.

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