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Recruit partners

WPR2 is a global, integrated network of PR brand teams that continually deliver the best products to customers and the highest value for their excellence by top partners from around the world. Competitive international salaries and challenging job opportunities attract outstanding and passionate new partners.

WPR2 is a global top independent network public relations communication team. We create measurable advantage for our clients with smart and inventive solutions that are rapidly scalable and that deliver against organizational needs, engaging, adapting and evolving in fast-changing landscapes. We through five practices: brand marketing, media communications, social media marketing, and online WOM.

In today’s fast-moving world, transformation is key. We at WPR2 are focused on helping businesses and institutions transform the way you do business, go to market and communicate with the people that matter most. We to be the trusted partner of choice – creating value by challenging conventional thinking and providing global service, culture by culture.

In this team, there are no special requirements or skill limits for all job vacancies. The imagination of our partner has no limits like the god horse flying in the heaven , details all show the creative ideas. Is it you? Keep reading!


Free place of work. As long as you have internet access, you can decide where your favorite office.
Free working hours. Partners need to balance family and health and schedule their own time.

Travel in the world. Excellent performance to bring better benefits, enjoy the fun of traveling abroad.

Endless 3C product support. If you need these devices at work, it’s usually free and fast to get it.

Meet the changes and challenges, join us!

Due to local and globally competitive salaries. We have always believed that high salaries can bring more enthusiasm to employees. With superior salary, hope to attract excellent partners with the technological capabilities and expertise in the leading markets.

From the intern, a series of unique education and training courses to cultivate the best network media, community marketing, Internet WOM marketing talent.
We like challenges
And beat it!


Press Release and Media Specialist

Have excellent writing and presentation and press releases distribution skills.

Marketing Program Specialist

Clear understanding of data management, analytics, and strategic objectives.

Customer Service Specialist

Good listener and question-asker and convert more leads to sales opportunities.

Familiar with multi-lingual experts

Familiar with at least four languages and specialize in digital marketing.

Media Cooperation Manager

Cooperate with the mainstream media in all countries in the world, establish a stable business cooperation program, be familiar with many business fields and find out more market opportunities.

Software Development Engineer

Solid understanding of various programs in browser and server (Node.js). Exhibits thoroughness, rigor and discipline in problem solving. This position will always need to compete with major community companies.

Three phases, join us
Initial screening
Your application will be reviewed
against the requirements of the role. 
Capability-based assessment
Assessments may include online testing,
interviews and work sample tasks. 
Multi mini interviews with one or
two assessors at each interview. 
Anything But Ordinary!
Be creative. You can combine and mix all these crazy awesome ideas and creativities as you wish, getting your very own special look. With WPR2 there are no limits for your creativity.